Petit Pearson Child Care Centre is a not-for-profit centre located in Lester B. Pearson Elementary and Middle School. We are committed to providing a safe and stimulating environment where each child can thrive socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. The Petit Pearson Child Care program is designed to meet the needs of each child in an atmosphere that fosters cooperation, responsibility and order.

Petit Pearson Child Care is staffed by qualified and experienced teachers, trained in Early Childhood Education. Each staff member has extensive knowledge and experience with, the methods of child guidance that are suited to the ages of the children in the Centre.

Our Goals Are:

In our program, children are given the opportunity to express and explore their needs, interests and ideas. This is best accomplished through individual and small-group activities in which the child will feel comfortable participating.

Children are disciplined in a positive manner appropriate to their age and cognitive development. Discipline intervention has goals to teach children self-discipline, the understanding of the need for safety, respect and compassion for others and care for their environment. Methods of behaviour management are discussed with staff and consistent disciplinary measures are agreed upon.

These goals and objectives are accomplished within the framework of the Government of Ontario's Day Nurseries Act. Regulations pertaining to space, staff qualifications, staff/child ratio, nutrition, safety, medical standards, types of activities and program quality are closely adhered to.