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The Petit Pearson team is comprised of qualified Early Childhood Educators, assistants or persons who have equivalent experience.

Staff members are committed to on-going professional development and take part in varied professional advancement activities such as workshops, networking meetings and visits to other childcare centres.

Our staff creates program plans that are based on the interests and needs of the children. Program plans are posted at the facility so that families can follow the City of Toronto recommendations and criteria.

Challenging outdoor activities complement Petit Pearson’s program. In inclement weather, the program has access to the school gymnasium.


Through play, the child acquires a variety of new skills, learns to make choices as well as to recognize and respect the needs and feelings of others. Play stimulates the learning process. Each child develops at his/her own pace in a stimulating and enjoyable environment.


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Children of kindergarten age attend the Lester B. Pearson Elementary school either in the morning or afternoon. Our program compliments the schools curriculum by creating a seamless transition between childcare and school. Our curriculum provides an excellent opportunity for children of kindergarten age to enhance their newly acquired skills in a way that is creative and individualized. The kindergarten children are also offered nutritious morning and afternoon snacks and a hot lunch served in a friendly family style atmosphere where pleasant conversation, good table manners and independence are encouraged. There is also ample opportunity for outdoor exploration to enhance their in class learning.

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The Kindergarten classroom is an environment that allows the children to play and learn from one another.

School Age

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The school age program offers care from 7:30am to 8:30am, a lunch program from 11:30am to 11:45 and an after school program from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Our program gives children the opportunity to choose from planned activities and/or an unlimited supply of games, books, toys and craft materials. Time and space are provided each day for the children to complete their homework.

Outside Play and Gross Motor Activities

The Ministry of Community and Social Services requires that children engage in outdoor activities for a minimum of two hours each day for the senior kindergarten students and 45 minutes each day for the school age students.  Outdoor activities stimulate the development of gross motor skills and foster cooperation, self esteem and team building skills.


Routines are composed of activities that respond to the biological and developmental needs of children. Washroom routines, dressing/undressing, snacks and meals, departures and arrivals, circle time are called "routines" since they occur regularly.

How to find Petit Pearson Childcare Centre

telephone: 416-222-2769
fax: 416-222-2575

7 Snowcrest Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M2K 2K5

Hours of operation
7:30am to 6:00pm from Monday to Friday

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